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General Guidlines

  1. This auction reserves the right to interpret, apply or waive any or all of the policies at its discretion and according to the circumstances surrounding each transaction. This auction also reserves the right to revoke a buy-card or gate-pass, or to deny anyone admission to auction property for cause sufficient in the auction’s discretion.
  2. This auction will not be responsible in any way for odometer statements issued by the seller. Odometer discrepancies will be the financial responsibility of the SELLER upon discovery.
  3. Returned vehicles must be returned in the condition in which they left. Vehicles returned to this auction for lack of title, frame or flood damage, odometer discrepancy, or previous salvage titles, will become the responsibility of the SELLER, and the SELLER will pay both buyer and seller fees!
  4. This auction will not be responsible for any items left ON or IN any vehicle! This includes but is not limited to items such as removable radios, C.B.’s, telephones, etc…
  5. All outside sales are considered AS-IS. Both Buyer and Seller must appear and sign the paperwork at the same time IN THE OFFICE!
  6. Dealer consignment “IF” sales must be finalized within 2 hours after sale ends. Lease or Bank unit sales must be finalized within 24 hours. After this time, the buyer or seller, or both, may choose not to honor the sale agreement, and the vehicle could be deemed a “NO SALE”. If the “IF” sale is not cleared by the seller after the above mentioned time periods, the buyer may choose to revoke the bid. This must be finalized prior to the seller accepting said bid.
  7. In the event there is a discrepancy on price, representation or bidder number, the decision of this auction IS FINAL!
  8. Licking County Auto Auction assumes no responsibility for vehicles left on our lot after 5:00 pm on sale day.
  9. No arbitration for frame on units 15 years old or older and under $1500. 

Additional Guidlines

Buyer Guidlines
  1. You must have your auction issued bidder badge. Only dealers with bidders numbers will be permitted in the sale arena. Retail customers and/or guests are not permitted at the Licking County Auto Auction during the dealer sales.
  2. Inspect the vehicle before you buy! Obvious to the eye defects will not be grounds for arbitration.
  3. We will not arbitrate vehicles selling for $1,000 or less. Exceptions are those vehicles with frame damage, structural damage, or improperly disclosed odometer readings/statements.
  4. We will not arbitrate non-working power accessories.
  5. We will not arbitrate any vehicle needing less than $700 per single repair.
  6. You must notify this auction at least 24 hours in advance when returning a vehicle for no title. Transportation expenses incurred in the return of a vehicle to this auction will be the responsibility of the BUYER! In the event the titles arrive in office before vehicle is returned, it is the Buyers vehicle!
  7. Any and all vehicles sold as “Previous Salvage Title” are sold strictly AS IS, regardless of existing frame, flood, fire, or other type of damage/repair. You will receive a negotiable title and odometer statement.
  8. DO NOT spend money on vehicles purchased “HOLD CHECK for TITLE” In the event that the transaction is not completed, buyers will not be reimbursed for any monies expended. “Blue Light”
  9. Inspect your purchase ASAP. The sale is not final until the certificate of title is received by the auction and the buyer’s check is deposited. Frame or flood-damaged vehicles must be reported to this auction within 7 working days of the sale transaction! After 7 working days the problem will be handled solely between buyer and seller, with the auction having no further responsibility with respect to the transaction.
  10. No arbitration for frame on units 15 years old or older and under $1500. 
Seller Guidlines
  1. Please write your dealership name and dealer number on the left side window of your  vehicle before leaving it in registration.
  2. If you have the title(s) to the vehicle(s) you are selling, please turn them into the Front Office before selling vehicles. This will speed up your process.
  3. Any announcements you wish to make must be told to the Auctioneer and Front Office! It is the Seller’s responsibility to make sure all announcements are on the paperwork prior to signing.
  4. You must accurately represent the vehicles you are selling. If a defect is known, announce it before you sell!
  5. You must produce a marketable title for the vehicle on or before thirty (30) calendar days after the transaction. The penalty for not producing a title will be $10.00 per day. (If you fail to produce a title within thirty (30) days of the sale transaction, the buyer may return the vehicle to this auction. This is a State Law.  Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 4517.19
  6. You must announce a vehicle which has had any of the following: previous salvage title, flood damage, frame damage, or a TMU title.  Failure to do so will result in these vehicles becoming the financial responsibility of the seller. If a salvage title is discovered, regardless of whether or not the seller had actual knowledge of such, the sale can be voided by the buyer.
  7. Be aware that you, as the seller, are responsible for all vehicles sold “Ride and Drive”. The buyer has until 12pm the next business day to report any arbitration.
  8. The auction does not guarantee any warranty books, VIN-plates, or the year of kit vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, watercraft, recreational vehicles, antique, homemade or modified vehicles. All of these vehicles are sold “AS-IS” and have no odometer or frame guarantee. The Auction does not guarantee titles on watercraft.

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